Nicole Keller's Work at Gawker and beyond

Check out my work for Capture Your Flag! I’ve been editing down interviews these past few months to create video segments for the online video platform that are then arranged by leadership theme and industry.

"Fox News' crazy Shep Smith goes to town on this video of a stolen 18-wheeler and its hijacked driver, stranded outside the cab. God bless 24-hour cable news.”

I made this video today out of 15 minutes of ridiculous footage. First video up on Jalopnik.

Assigned clip, I got to pick out the Gossip Girl clip for the last time at my internship.

Assigned clip

My Favorite Articles that I Wrote for NYU’s Washington Square News

"Washington’s biggest mystery since Watergate" has been solved. Bo Obama will be coming to the White House tomorrow, April 14. 

Glenn Beck comes on Fox and Friends every Tuesday to promote his show. And while it makes sense to have him on, the Fox and Friends anchors bring on the hilarious. (on Gawker)

my mom’s reply to the video on aim was the best: “I do not watch fox. so not sure what this guy is all about. I watched a couple other pieces. Is he kind of like doc phil but on news stuff? .. yes a news anchor but not a traditional kind? I got the clip part and watched some others that were on the side. he has a way of explaning from a different angle. which I like” (she’s new to aim and youtube haha)

The Hills: Things To Do With Lauren Conrad When She’s Dead

(I edited both videos as clip requests… the still for this video on Gawker is my favorite)

Two Man-Tongues Touching Too Icky for Bill O’Reilly

(I edited down a clip (request) of O’Reilly’s show)